Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I've been home two days and sharing a day of remembrance with the country.  Today I'm remembering all the great folks joining my fight against cancer.  And you all are joining a fight, don't kid yourselves that you are only lending support, just sending positive energy or reading a blog.  By caring you've decided that my cause, and the fight against cancer cause, matters to you and can have consequences to you when things do not go right and losses are taken.  You've each put a little bit of yourselves on the line by reaching out to me, coming to me here or meeting me somewhere where I needed you.  I'll honor that commitment and fight for you, my allies.  My family has been great, friends and acquaintances from work and personal life continuously surprise me (and top up the old hope reservoir).   Sometimes big things, sometimes things that may seem small can mean so much each and every day.  Today some neighbors wheeled a Lazy Boy recliner down the street to my house because they heard I was going to try to go out to shop for one (I'm spending so much time in bed).  They left their barbecue and pushed the damn thing all the way down Marigot Drive and into my living room.  I bet cancer does not have a Lazy Boy, or such friends as these.


  1. Damn right cancer doesn't have a Lazy Boy! Here's to time at home to rev up the batteries and enjoy the many blessings you have around you right now. Feel the love, bro!!!

  2. Hurray for your easy chair and all your super friends! Sam Rayburn stated that “Good friends are good medicine. Often the best.

    Lots of Hugs!

    Dad and Ursula

  3. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the tough fight. You're a true inspiration!

    Best wishes,