Sunday, May 22, 2011

Slugging it Out

Well, Day 3 of biochemo and I'm still kicking. More like I am hangin on - this stuff really, really sucks. Each of the five anti-cancer drugs have their own side effects, so combining them creates Dantes cocktail. For me its mostly bone rattling chills and nausea. I have nine blankets on me right now. The staff here is amazing, and they have an enourmous arsenal of drugs to counter, or minimize, the side effects. I have two days left of vinblastine and cisplatin - both chemo - and also two days of IL2 - the primary biologics. The biologics make you feel like you have the mother of all flues. And three days left of the biologic Interferon. I can suffer through anything for three days more, especially when I imagine the toll its taking on cancer. For every effect it has on me it has a more pronounced affect on the disease. I feel like we are some Rocky movie slugging it out in the corner, trading blows one after another. The will to win, to overcome, to vanquish the foe combined with a deep seated belief in your own strength keeps you from stepping back and throwing in the towel. That's all I can write now - thanks for all your support and supporting Ann who is standing by my side through all of this, every message is a little firework of hope in my heart.


  1. Thinking of you constantly. You both are doing an amazing job. Much love to you both!

  2. Hang in there, bro! This will all be worth it! Big hugs to you and Ann. We mention you in prayer every day. Keep strong!

  3. Will and Ann, there’s lots of love and prayers going your way both told and untold and ours are also included. We can’t imagine the tormented process you must endure but know you are strong and will prevail especially with your biggest supporter, Ann by your side including the fantastic Doc’s and Anderson staff and T Cells reproducing like rabbits. Ann tells us the chills and nausea are being addressed promptly and every effort made to “steady the boat” and keep a steady course so…… here’s to a clean wake and keeping on the rumb line.

    BTW, You and I share the dreaded blood letting routine but must admit the semi-permanent plumbing (IV) sure beats the repeated jabbing that (no amount of karma) cannot be ignored especially when the kind nurse is sympathetic and close to tears herself (remember).

    You’re in our thoughts and prayers and look forward to sharing some cold ones when this is all over!!

    Lots of hugs,

    Dad and Ursula

  4. Another treatment down!!!!!!! You are doing it!!! You and Ann are in our thoughts and prayers. Remember "dont be afraid to ask for help".
    All our love and hugs...Mom & Gene

  5. We love you. Our thoughts and prayers remain focused on you and Ann.
    Love Molly and Drew

  6. Your getting there! Keep up the fight!"Rocky" We know you can do it! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Remember anything you need please know that we are here for you and your family.
    Lots of love and support TJ, Len , Talia and Adriana
    We will see you soon :)

  7. Know that this is a rough day all the way around, but you can do this! Fight, bro, fight!