Wednesday, May 4, 2011


General Barrow - USMC Commandant in the early 80's- said that "amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics." In the past couple of months I've average half a dozen doctor appointments a week while maintaining my job, my fitness and other obligations. I feel like I'm always working my calendar, coordinating between different medical facilities, doctor specialties and geographic locations. Today I got set up for radiation treatment at Sylvester CCC in Deerfield Beach, where they did a CT of my right eye orbit and made all the measurements to begin radiating the area on Monday. They made a mask of my face that will hold my head in place as they radiate the tumor in my right orbit a total of 10 times over the next two weeks. It should halt the growth of that particular tumor, maybe even shrink it and save my right eye. The eye has not bothered me much the past few months, but had reached some kind of critical mass in the past week causing pain, blurry vision and an overall nasty appearence. Then off to Miami Beach and a third opinion about cancer treatment at Mount Sinai with a popular and highly recommended oncologist (more on that later). I should wrap that up by 2:40 giving me an hour to get to the Ft. Lauderdale airport for a 4:40 flight to Houston for surgery tomorrow to remove the right axilla lymph node for potential T-cell treatment. I also managed to squeeze an opthamology appointment in the morning before surgery to check on my eye to be sure it hasn't gone too far. I might be able to squeeze something into the afternoon post-surgery, too, so more calls to make before take-off. Cancer is not organized, cancer does not have logistics. Cancer will be wondering tomorrow why Cancer Dave up in the axilla is not responding anymore. He was snatched by an oncological surgeon, and taken off to the mad scientist lab to be turned into a biological weapon against cancer. Yes, cancer, strange things are starting to happen. Start looking over your shoulder because I am coming for you.

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