Monday, May 2, 2011

Why I know that I am going to kick cancer's ass

Cancer has picked the wrong fight. My outward appearance of a mild mannered, middle aged financial executive belies the reality that I am an ex-Marine, endurance athlete with significant resources and mental toughness to bring to bare on this opponent. I have partnered with the best medical team in the world and have access to the latest and most lethal cancer fighting weaponry. I have met many tough challenges and know that I can overcome significant odds - I've done so my whole life. Cancer has not only threatened me, but threatened my children's future and my family. I will bring down the wrath of all I find holy on to cancer and obliterate every trace of it from my body. I will first starve it of any sustenance, then hit it with the Mother of All Cancer Treatments - biochemotherapy. The biologics of Interleukin 2 and Interferon will boost my immune system to battle the cancer trying to grow inside me. The chemo - a lethal combination of Cisplatin, Vinplatin and Dacarbazine will choke the life out of it. Cancer has no idea what is coming its way. Then, when it is on it's knees (as I will be) I'll launch the second wave - TIL or Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes. These will be growing in a lab for the next month, becoming super T-cells with a terminator mentality and a target on melanoma. These will be deployed in my body like the Marines at Tarawa and search out the cancer cells wherever they are hiding and dispatch them with extreme prejudice. They will find cancer's friends, family and pets and kill them all, too. They'll shit on cancer's grave and then stand sentry for the rest of my life. At the end I'll stand weakened, but unbowed, and cancer free.


  1. Kick cancers ass!

  2. I second! Wow!!! That's how it's done!!!! I Like!
    Kick some ass my friend!