Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1?

Today is my first day fighting cancer. After a few months of confusing symptoms and testing and preliminary diagnosis, a plan is forming. Last week I went to MD Anderson in Texas where they confirmed the diagnosis and helped craft a battle plan. The diagnosis is Melanoma Stage 4-C, the worst/highest/most dangerous type of melanoma with an associated grim level of survival. Statistics would say I have 6 months on the inside, 12 on the outside - from last September. Last weekend I rode my bike 95 miles at a competitive kick-ass pace so I think the stats, as they can often be, are misleading. My usual Monday morning routine consists of a 30 mile bike ride and stretching and heading off to an exciting day of work after a couple of blissful sunny Florida weekend days. Today - my bike is on the rack indefinitely, and I'm heading to work to tell my boss that I'm going to have to claim disability and I'm planning on 12 weeks on treatment with no work. Time to clear the decks, all hands to battle stations as we confront this wicked enemy. Some coincidence perhaps that the evil Osama Bin Laden, who has hidden in caves and dark places for nearly a decade while reaching out to hurt our interests, was reported rooted out and killed today. Navy Seals, on the hunt for all this time, captured him, killed him and unceremoniously dumped his lifeless body in the sea. That is what I'm planning to do with cancer. Watch out cancer, I'm coming for you.

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