Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

Going through the biochemo routine one more time.  I'm a bit more comfortable this time as I am a little better prepared. I had a tailor make me shirts and a sweater with zippers down the side so that I can change them with my IVs in non-stop for 6 days.  I also brought a contraband portable humidifier so my head does not shrink.  I seem to be tolerating the chemicals a bit better, but its early on. Perhaps its because of the positive support I'm getting from all of you out there. Yesterday my niece Carli kicked ass in a tennis tournament in Crestview, Florida in my name.  She won two games by far and lost two games by only 1 point each.  I'm proud of her.  In Tallahassee two friends of the family, Joe Boyd and Jim Rudnick, rode their bikes in a cancer charity ride and dedicated their rides to me, emblazing my names on their shoes.  I can't believe so many people care, but it is all more energy that I can put into the fight and it makes a difference.  My 4 year old loves 70's rock, for some reason, and recently started singing a couple songs - "Just Remember I Love You" and "Keep On Smiling".  Coincidence?  Or is she sending me her support, too?  "Just keep smiling through the rain, laughing at the pain, just rolling with the changes, till the sun comes out again."  Support comes in many wondrous ways and I appreciate every one, large and small.  Maybe my blog should be William & friends fighting cancer.  That would scare cancer, eh?


  1. You have so many people helping to kick cancers ass. You will win this fight. You are so brave. Sabrina is supporting you with her singing! Keep scaring that cancer. Love, Moe and Don

  2. Awww - Sabrina is such a little sweetie (they both are!). You should patent that shirt idea. I hope this just keeps getting easier for you - "keep on smiling!"

  3. We're right there with you, bro!

  4. Hang In There Will! The folks at First Methodist Church in PC have you on their special prayer list and members express their thumbs up as we cross paths.

    With Sabrina singing and Gwen being your temp monitor at home and Ann in charge of the fort....Your in good in good hands :-)....

    Take care to you and your Mom!